Merchant Cash Advance for Restaurants and Hospitality Industry

Are you looking forward to investing into your restaurant business? Need new equipment, more employees, or additional supplies? Or maybe it has been a tough season and you are trying to keep up with those bills?

No matter what you need some extra money for, we got your back! Here at EFSA, we will help you get the funds for your business you deserve.



Ennio Lori

Italian Restaurant Owner | Toronto, ON
All restaurant owners should know how hard it can be to keep up with those crazy bills. It was a super slow season for us when EFSA came in handy. My family and I would like to say thank you for believing and helping us out in hard times

Abel Abara

Convenience Store Owner | Brampton, ON
With EFSA help I could increase my convenience store’s capacity and add more items to the shelves. It is so nice to see more and more local customers coming to my store and hear that they enjoy the variety of new products. Now my store offers fresh coffee and hot breakfast too.

Anish Khatri

Flower Shop Owner | Vancouver, BC.
After my regular flowers’ supplier closed down, I managed to find another one, but at a higher cost. EFSA came right on time. They were able to lend me some money so I could continue running my business without interruptions. Much appreciated!

Jane Mendoza

Nail Salon Owner | Winnipeg, MB
Great customer service. Their agents were very helpful. I asked for 13,000 CAD to buy new equipment for my nail salon. I got my money the next day after sending some necessary business documents. I can finally provide my customers with the best nail services in Winnipeg!

David Beck

Sports Bar Owner | Markham, ON
Big thanks to EFSA for providing me the capital I needed. I was able to renovate my sports bar and improve my website. Customers love the new design and vibe my place delivers now. You rock!

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